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Note: Please review all membership requirements before proceeding to the application link at the bottom of the page.

Membership Requirements

To qualify for full privileges and standing as a member, the applicant must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a graduate of a polygraph school that is recognized by the National Polygraph Association, Inc., as being accredited by any state regulatory board. The curriculum of the aforementioned school shall meet ASTM standards for education.
  • Shall not have been convicted of, or found guilty by any Federal or State court of a felony crime, any misdemeanor crime involving sexual or moral misconduct, or for the violation of the civil rights of any person. (Any other violations will be subject to review and approval by the Membership Committee.)
  • Shall not have been found guilty by any court, labor hearing, or administrative hearing for violation of the civil rights of any person and/or found guilty of any allegation, which deemed by the NPA Board of Directors to be injurious or discredit the polygraph profession.
  • Shall not have resigned or been dismissed from any State, Regional, National, or International association while under investigation, or for illegal or ethical reasons.  
  • Every member, in order to promote continuous education, must participate in training consistent with ASTM Standards that promotes the polygraph discipline. Such training may be included, but not to be limited to any state, regional, or national polygraph school/training seminar.

Membership Types

Intern Member

Intern membership shall be limited to those applicants recently entering the polygraph profession and who have not yet met the requirements set for Full Membership. Intern members will not have voting rights or hold any office in NPA.

Affiliate Member

Any person who has demonstrated a genuine interest in the field of polygraph and has rendered service and support to the polygraph profession.

Affiliate members shall have no voting rights, or hold any office in the NPA, but may participate in all functions with the exception of Board/Business meetings unless requested by the Board of Directors.

Honorary Membership

Once each year, the Board of Directors may submit the name of one person who has rendered distinguished service and support to the polygraph profession, to the membership for their approval to bestow this honorary award. Such member shall pay no annual dues and will have no voting rights.

Lifetime Membership Award

Each year, the Board of Directors may submit the name (only one Life Membership may be awarded annually) of any NPA member to the general membership for the honor of Life Membership. A Life Member will be recognized as an individual who has rendered outstanding service to the National Polygraph Association, Inc., and having contributed exemplary support to the polygraph profession. Such recipients shall not be assessed annual dues or seminar registration fees. Life Members have the right to vote in all matters of NPA business and are eligible to hold any appointed or elected office.

Applying for Membership

To become a member online, go to our Membership Application Form:


Membership fee is $100 dollars. Please note that immediately after submitting the application you will be directed to paypal to pay the application fee.


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